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The 25th anniversary of independence was also celebrated in Luxembourg


Ceremony on the 25th anniversary of Slovenian independence in Luxembourg (photo: Peter Verdnik)

On Tuesday, June 28, 2016, the Slovenian community in Luxembourg also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia with a ceremony. The ceremonial event in the Abbaye de Neumünster cultural center, which was attended by more than 200 people, was hosted by the Slovenian Embassy in Brussels and organized by the Slovenian Slolux association under the patronage of Mr. Ilešič and Mr. Prek.

The clear decision of the Slovenian nation to take its future into its own hands was honored by visiting a ceremony in Luxembourg by high-ranking representatives of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the institutions of the European Union, as well as the Minister for Slovenians Abroad and the World, Mr. Žmavc. To the invitation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mr Šinkovec, sir Ilešiča, sir Through and the president of the Slolux association, Mr Scythe, who led the organization of the ceremony, the Vice President of the National Assembly of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mr. mason, former honorary consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Luxembourg, Mr Drew, member of the European Court of Auditors, Mr Grouse, acting director general of the Directorate of Translators, Mr Rainbow, President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Mr Lenaerts, President of the General Court of the European Union, Mr Jaeger and the President of the Luxembourg Constitutional Court, Mr Santer.

The ceremony directed and coordinated by Mr A bark beetle, began with Zdravljica and a speech by Mr. Šinkovac, who recalled the moments when Slovenia gained independence and emphasized the need for a legitimate expression of the will of the people in the referendum, which came at a historically ripe moment for Slovenians, and the path to international recognition and the status of a respected member of the international community.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Ilešič, spoke about the values that Slovenians have, respect and are more or less aware of. Our language is beautiful and has a long and rich history, so we must respect, preserve and develop it, he said. Despite living abroad, we feel a sense of belonging to the homeland through the language, and by using the mother tongue we also strengthen our national identity. He emphasized that the homeland is always the same, that ours is beautiful, that we can be proud of it and that we must respect and love it. We Slovenians have nothing to be ashamed of, as we are valued and enjoy reputation in European institutions. "A great value of the European Union is that it takes the judgments of the European Court as correct, binding and worthy of respect. Unfortunately, they do not have the same attitude towards the judiciary in all member states."

The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mr. Mosar, emphasized that Slovenia and Luxembourg have a lot in common; from its small size through the awareness of the importance of its own language, and expressed the wish that the larger countries of the European community would finally start listening to the smaller ones, such as Slovenia and Luxembourg.

Mr. Žmavc said that independence and unity are eternal values, which, with the declaration of independence 25 years ago, experienced a realization that we have never had in the past. It is important that our own culture at the crossroads of the Germanic, Romanic and Slavic worlds has managed to preserve our national identity, and he is also convinced that Slovenians abroad and around the world, as well as Slovenians in their homeland, will continue to overcome challenges together in the future.

Mr. Kos was the last to take the podium, noting that Slovenians can proudly represent our country, which has proven countless times that unity and heart count for more than size and numbers. That the attachment to the homeland is strong and that the desire for our children to grow up to be conscious Slovenians grows stronger year by year. That is why we reconnect with each other and with our homeland.

The cultural and artistic part of the ceremony was also taken care of, which was enriched with the contributions of musicians, reciters and Slovenian children of the 1st and 2nd grades of the European School. The young musician was the first to impress the crowd Zala Kravos, who last year also performed at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York, this year she has a tour of China, and next year she is already on the program of the Luxembourg Philharmonic, where she will play as a soloist with the orchestra in April. Her younger brother later joined her on stage Wave, who is already slowly following in her footsteps. Lawyers, linguists, Ms Krasnik and Mrs Incret, teacher at the European School, Mr Richard and the coordinator of the ceremony, Mr. Škorjak. An accordionist provided a particularly homely touch with an Avsenik wreath Klavdija Ceglar, which has received numerous awards, plaques and trophies at various local harmonica playing competitions. The artistic program has its own dance point. There is a mill by the clear stream under the guidance of the teacher Mrs Pelikan Prec concluded in an endearing way by schoolchildren.

You can see some glimpses in the pictures below (photo: Peter Verdnik).

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