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28th camp of Slovenian children around the world

The World Slovenian Congress invites Slovenian children to join them at the 28th camp of Slovenian children around the world, which will take place from Sunday, July 7, to Friday, July 12, 2024, in the Center for school and extracurricular activities in Radenci ob Kolpa.

The event is intended young people between the ages of 9 and 15, who live outside the borders of the Republic of Slovenia and have Slovenian parents or grandparents. We estimate that there will be about 40 of us at the camp, which is also the upper limit of the number of participants.

The group leaders know the camp well, as they have attended it themselves many times in the past.

At the camp, in the morning we improve our knowledge of Slovenian, and in the afternoon we get to know the cultural and natural heritage of Slovenia in mutual company.

The main purpose of the camp is to strengthen interest and love for Slovenia and the Slovenian language. The experience of being a Slovenian is enriched by pleasant socializing with Slovenian peers who come to the camp from different countries of the world. The colloquial language at the camp is Slovenian, and those who do not yet speak or understand Slovenian are also warmly welcome.

What will they do?

  • morning Slovenian lessons in level groups
  • afternoon hikes and tours
  • we will get to know the cuisine of Bela Krajina and its cultural heritage
  • sports activities in nature
  • socializing, board games
  • and more!

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