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The book "Slovenes in Iron Lorraine"

Dear Slovenians,

we would like to present to you the book "Slovenes in the Iron Lorraine", written by Mr. Marice Pišlar was published in Slovenian and French in 2004 and underwent a second, revised edition in 2006.

The book, which is suitable for anyone who wants to know where the French Slovenians came from, is offered by the author at a reduced price of €15. Anyone interested can order the book from her in person at

The author of the book, Ms. Marica Pišlar

With kind regards,

Vera Pejović

About the book:

[SLO] Dear friends of Slovenian history in France, now that we are celebrating the twenty-sixth anniversary of the existence of Slovenia, it is perhaps even more important to know where the French Slovenians came from and how they created a new life for themselves in this country, professionally and personally. One of the publications that speaks comprehensively about this topic is the work of Maria Pislar-Fernandez, Slovenes in the Iron Lorraine through family stories (1919-1939), published in 2006 (second revised and corrected edition).
Since the book is more difficult to reach for French and Luxembourg audiences, the author of the book allows you to get the book in Paris or Lorraine through her mediation.

[FR] Le livre Slovènes en Lorraine du fer à travers des récits de familles (1919-1939) retrace l'immigration des Slovènes en France avec un accent plus particulier porté sur la Lorraine du fer. Il est paru dans une édition bilingual français-slovène.
Afin de faciliter sa diffusion en France, l'auteur Marie Pislar Fernandez put at the disposal of interested readers (who n'auraient pas acquis le livre lors de sa sortie en 2004 ou de sa réédition en 2006) des exemplaires de l'édition revue et corrigée de 2006.

Article in the newspaper 'Républicain Lorrain' (in FR)

Slovènes Lorraine du fer June 9, 2017 (in FR)

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