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The book "Vladek's way into the unknown"


I published two books related to Prekmurje at the publishing house Salve in Ljubljana. From there, less written material comes into the world, which is why a person from central Slovenia or from elsewhere knows the life of the Prekmurians and the history of Prekmur so much less. Many do not know that even before the Second World War, people of different nationalities (which is still true today), of three religions and spoke several languages lived in Prekmurje. This made the region culturally rich and the inhabitants were tolerant of each other. That is why I think it makes sense to recommend the book to you for reading. Proceeds from the sale of books will be used to promote Prekmursh as a literary language, as it once was.


Before you is the book Vladek's path into the unknown. The book is a true story about a boy of Jewish descent from Murska Sobota who, after his 6th birthday, on April 26, 1944, had to go into the unknown with his family. Like many Jews during World War II, he ended his life in a gas cell in Auschwitz.

The Holocaust also left a strong mark on Prekmurje. It is right that we talk about it and make the younger generations aware of it, with the aim that it never happens again.

Vladek would have been 80 years old in April this year. By reading the book Vladek's path into the unknown, we dedicate ourselves to his memory and to all the victims of the Holocaust who ended their lives too early.

The book, which was created among the people of Prekmur who emigrated to Israel, is supported by descriptions of Jewish holidays and historical milestones from 1887, when I begin the story, to 1944, when most members of the Jewish community of Murska Sobota ended their lives in the gas chambers. and Lendave.

Vladek's Journey into the Unknown is the first work that talks about the everyday life of Jews on our soil, and sheds light on the issue of the Holocaust from a completely different perspective. The story is supplemented with more than 100 photographs from pre-war Murska Sobota and its surroundings, which have not been published until now.

The book was also published in English.

Book description:

– format 14.8 x 21 cm

– hardcover

– volume: 216 pages


Ask and you will receive is a collection of devotional songs, prayers and short stories for children from Prekmurje.

I collected the oldest poems that I found in Prekmurje. Among the prayers are the most basic, evening, morning, the Rosary in Prekmurščina and others. I also wrote a preparation for confession, at St. "purification", prayers at the main parts of the Holy Mass and more.

At the end of the book there is also a dictionary of almost forgotten old Prekmurje words.

The foreword to the book was written by bishop dr. Jožef Smej.

Book description:

– format 14.8 x 21 cm

– soft cover

– volume: 80 pages

For the book Vladek's journey into the unknown with your contribution of 25 EUR and for the book Ask and you shall receive contributed EUR 7 to the foundation for the Prekmurje language. We are establishing the foundation with the aim of making Prekmurska an optional language in schools.

You can also settle the value of the book in the currency of the country where you live.
You can order the book at my email address:, on the phone: 00386 31 595 527 or at the publishing house's address: or by phone: 00386 59 339 400. The Salve publishing house will issue you an invoice.

I wish you all the best,

Bojan Zadravec

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