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Books and acknowledgments after the Child Education workshop by M. Juhant and S. Levc

This weekend there was a lecture by Mr. Marko Juhant and Mrs. Simone Levc. It was full of small and big "aha" moments, practical instructions for education and extremely interesting stories based on the experiences of two of the most renowned experts in the field of child and adolescent education in Slovenia. Definitely an event worth attending. The lecturers thanked us for the warm welcome and said that they felt very comfortable in the company of all the participants. At the end of the lecture, they put it on our hearts that of all the instructions, the most important is this: let's give our children some time every day to devote ourselves only to them, and let's tell them again every day that we love them. This is the most basic recipe for a warm relationship with our children and for raising happy children.

We look forward to visiting again.

Anyone who would like to order books can do so at this page.


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