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Humanitarian campaign: Forgotten even by those to whom they gave their lives

Dear Slovenian women and men in Luxembourg, Belgium and elsewhere in the world!

In the society, we have been reading sad stories for some time about people who have been pushed to the edge by society. About those who gave and nurtured all their lives, but in the end were left alone, abandoned, forgotten and often in completely impossible conditions. The elderly are among us, but we often don't see their plight, because they mostly have no voice - they don't have social networks where they could write about their problems, relatives have forgotten them, society turns away.

Read their stories at Facebook page of the association, and at the bottom of the page, watch the emotional video with which Amo Socialec and Tinkara Kovač want to give voice to the elderly.

And we were moved by the fact that there is an association that brings together people who are ready to devote their time and energy to providing help to the elderly and the homeless by activating them, including them in society, and sometimes it is enough just to they drink a cup of coffee or bring a bag from the store.

You can read more about what they do in the Humanitarček society and how they help at this link. Since we are not in Slovenia ourselves and cannot physically help, we decided to help them financially. In this way, they will be able to purchase material resources with which they will be able to warm the Christmas and New Year holidays and other winter days for many people. We invite you to help as much as you can.

Helping the elderly means showing gratitude for everything we have received from them.

We will forward the collected funds to the society »Humanitarian", which collects funds. The promotion is currently open until December 31, 2019, but we will extend it if necessary.

You can transfer funds at the link below! Thank you all in advance.

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