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Collected for Jacob

We also want to help little Jakob Zupan Slovenian women andย Slovenians in Luxembourg came together and collected โ‚ฌ1,202.83. Read the letter that the Slovenian Society in Luxembourg is sending to Jakob on behalf of Slovenians living here.

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Dear Jacob!

Your story reached beyond Slovenian borders and moved Slovenian men and women who live 1,000 km away from you. In the Slovene Society in Luxembourg, we have therefore installed sparovka in several places in the last month and called on all Slovenes and Slovenes in Luxembourg to help.

They collected โ‚ฌ500 at the European Parliament, โ‚ฌ330 at the European Commission, together with โ‚ฌ372.83 that went directly to our TRR, andย โ‚ฌ1,202.83 was thus accumulated, which are already on their way to your bank account.

Dear Jakob, we are glad that your parents launched such an extensive campaign that moved and moved Slovenian men and women at home and around the world. We are especially grateful to you, because with your persistence and positivity you show us what the right attitude towards life is. It makes us happy to think that we can also contribute a small part to help you realize your dreams.

When you can, just drop by in Luxembourg - you will always be welcome with us.

On behalf of Slovenians in Luxembourg,
Emil Kos, president of the Slolux association


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