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Common space has become a necessity

Dear Slovenian women, dear Slovenians in Luxembourg!

Life puts obstacles and challenges on our way, and moving to another country makes it even more difficult, whether it's finding an apartment or a nanny. It was easier for all of us if we got some useful information faster than we would have found it after a long search on the net or from officials. It is even better if we get this information from someone who is in a similar situation as us and speaks the same language!

Slolux strives to help Slovenians and its members integrate into Luxembourgish life. We hang out at shows for children and similar events that are important to us, but we would like to upgrade our cooperation and especially expand it to more everyday matters that concern us all. For this, it is essential that we have the possibility of easy access to this information, which is the easiest and most up-to-date to get from our fellow Slovenian.

For this purpose, the idea was born Slolux Center in Luxembourg. It would be a place where we could meet for some activity or just like that. During the weekend, we can bring the children to play in the Center and while the children are having fun, the adults can say something. This way, in addition to relaxing and socializing, we can also get some useful information about which nanny is good and which form you need to fill out for tax relief.

Over time, the center will be able to grow and become a central cultural information point in Luxembourg for Slovenians and all those who would like to connect with Slovenians. In the beginning, we would have smaller events, a Slovenian library for children and a cafe for guests. Later, the Slolux Center could be connected with consular services, employment assistance and a playroom for children.

That's why I decided to approach the project and actively help to realize it. You are invited to join:

  • with a donation,
  • with active assistance or
  • by promoting the project in the Slovenian community.

For more information about the project, select "Center Slolux" in the menu or follow this link.

Borut Pivec

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