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I myself used to be a SDOMKA, both daughters and grandchildren live in Germany, I traveled a lot around the world, I was a journalist for a long time, but now I am contacting you from Slovenia.
I know how nice it is to visit your homeland and I also know that it is not easy if you lose touch there. I would like to encourage everyone who would like to come to Slovenia for a short or long time, but you are afraid that you won't find your way around, you don't know who to contact, you have relatives here, but you don't want to burden them...
Last time I was a local guide for a young Berlin woman, without agencies, without a rent-a-car, I was at her disposal in everything... As I am 50+, I also get along well with older people, so there are no age barriers... If you need me, anytime , you or your acquaintances, you can write to me here or find my information at
I'd appreciate it if you could let everyone in your community know about this.
Thank you, Thea

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