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[CANCELLED] Children's Show: Cufko's Country Adventure

Date(s) - 18/03/2020
18:00 - 19:00




DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION, THE SHOW IS CANCELED! We will inform you about the new date.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at 18:00 at the Altrimenti club Nataša Konc Lorenzutti staged a play with the title using the kamishibai technique

"Cufko's Country Adventure".

Cufko's author is Marjan Manček, and Nataša Konc Lorenzutti transformed it from pictures into words and set it in motion.

The performance is covered society Reading badge, that's why it is

the performance, which is suitable for children over 4 years old, is free.



The cute dog CUFEK by Marjan Manček is not some young puppy that has barely seen the light of day. He has been entertaining us for many years in comics and magazines, domestic and foreign, with or without words. In the present picture book, Marjan Manček, with the help of his wife Marta and son Mitjo, who designed the picture book, combined all of Cufko's collected wit, and the writer NATAŠA KONC LORENZUTTI, an established youth author, complemented the witty images with excellent verses. In doing so, the poet created an acrostic, the first letters of the verse form the title of the book, and when meeting various animals, Cufek really turns out to be what the author recommends: "A cute dog that doesn't bite, doesn't bark at the postman, doesn't poop in the apartment, he has a sense of play, and even children can take care of him by themselves, which does not work at all with other animals." Readers, young and old, will certainly adopt it with enthusiasm, as the authors have succeeded in creating one of those timeless picture books that we are happy to recommend to all generations.

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