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Santa Claus for a day - charity campaign '23

Date(s) - 16/12/2023 - 17/12/2023
All Day


At the host's home


Dear Slovenian women and men abroad!

Do you still remember the feeling when you hoped that Santa Claus would come to you on Christmas Eve? And how was opening presents in the morning?

There are thousands of people in Slovenia who will not experience this feeling this year. At least not if we don't help... That's why we in the association decided to join the "Christmas for a day" campaign, with which a group of tireless volunteers led by Savina Goličnik brings smiles to the faces of children and elderly people from socially disadvantaged communities for the twelfth year in a row. environments that have very simple desires, but are still unattainable for them. That's why they wrote to Santa...

It is this year on the list of more than 13,000 children and the elderly, and the list is updated daily; last year they gave gifts to over 14,000 people.

In Slovenia, 'Božička' prepares a gift and sends it to a collection point, from where hardworking elves and their partner organizations deliver it to the recipients. The average value of a gift is around €50. You can read more about the campaign at this link.

Since Santa Claus cannot pick up presents abroad (postage is expensive), we decided to help with donations - the friendly elves offered to go to the store and bought and prepared gifts with your donation for those who will be left without. If there aren't any (which we all want), there will be Santa used the donations to supplement incomplete boxes and for delivery costs. And snacks, because good men and dwarves have to eat too...

Therefore, in this year's campaign of the Slolux association, we are once again collecting 'Christmas gifts'. For €50 you can become Santa Claus for 1 person. The more people you can gift, the better.

The promotion will be open until December 10, 2023. We kindly invite you to spread the word!

Last year we helped families in need - this year for Christmas we share smileys again.


  • In the form below, you can select the same choice multiple times (e.g. 3 times a half gift or 1 full gift and 1 delivery charge). Donate according to your means.
  • The funds will be used according to the priorities set by the campaign organizer.
  • Please direct all questions to Emil, which coordinates the action.



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