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Help us educate young people in The Gambia: The Ishatou Memorial Nursery School Project

Date(s) - 16/10/2023 - 13/11/2023



We are announcing a fund-raising project for a free primary school in Gambia, in which Emil Kos is also actively involved at the request of Zdravka, a Slovenian! Donations are being collected until October 14th!

Final balance of donations: 600,00 €

The money will be sent to the school as soon as possible. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!


Dear Slovenian women, dear Slovenians all over the world!

Since the foundation of the Slolux association in 2015, we have organized many charity campaigns, with which we have helped many fellow citizens in need in Slovenia. But today we are turning to you with a very special appeal coming from The Gambia.

Slovenian Zdravko Voglar has been living in the city of Tujereng in Gambia for almost 20 years and since 2018 he has been financially and professionally helping the private elementary school Ishatou Memorial Nursery School, which was founded in 2016 by his friend, local Bunja Jabang. This school offers free education to children in the local community, including lunch, books and uniforms, as parents cannot afford quality education for their children.

Education is the only investment that is guaranteed to always return with interest.

— Emil Kos

Ishatou Memorial Nursery School currently has three pre-school classes attended by 78 students in the 2022/23 school year. The smooth operation of the school is ensured by six teachers, the principal, a coordinator, four cooks/maids and a guard.

However, the project of establishing classes and maintaining the school is financially extremely demanding. Monthly costs for food, wages, electricity, internet and other necessities amount to approximately €1,400. The cost estimate for the establishment of an additional class with the necessary construction works and equipment amounts to €15,000.

The management of the school strives first to secure funds for the maintenance of the school, and then to establish regular inflows that will enable stable and continuous education for young Gambians. The ultimate goal is to enable the opening of the remaining classes.

Such a project requires a comprehensive approach and fundraising both through donors and events, as well as from international organizations and tenders. However, this is difficult to implement at the local level, as it requires international cooperation. That's why they turned to the Slolux association with a request for help, where they specifically addressed Emil Kos, who wants to get personally involved in the project. Emil has the necessary academic knowledge, experience, charisma and passion for socially beneficial activities to take on this challenge, and he also sees the project as an opportunity to supplement his master's work in the field of digitization in international humanitarian activities.

This project of helping the local school is something special for me, because on the one hand it will provide quality education for the children, and on the other hand it will open the way for me to international humanitarian work. I am also hoping for a good real example for my master's degree.

— Emil Kos

Emil is the initiator, co-founder and former president of the Slolux association. Since the establishment of the Slolux association in 2015, he has organized many events in Luxembourg and Brussels, participated in the establishment of the Slobel association, led the initiative for the introduction of the Luxembourg-Ljubljana air link, and actively worked in the Council of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians around the world in the term 2017-2023. He was also the initiator of most of the charity campaigns that we organized in the association. Emil is still extremely active both in Luxembourg and in other Slovenian communities abroad.

Please consider supporting our project. Your contribution is completely voluntary and will be used solely to cover the costs of the project and the provision of education at Ishatou Memorial Nursery School. Donation instructions are below. If you have any additional questions about the project, please contact directly Emil.

We sincerely thank you for all your support, both now and in the past.

With best regards,
The board of directors of the Slolux association

About the project

“Ishatou memorial nursing school” is located in Tujereng, 20 km SW of Serrekunda, Gambia. It was founded in 2016 and has 3 classes of preschool education.

In the year 2022/23, 78 students attended it. There are 6 teachers, a principal, a coordinator, 4 cooks and a caretaker. For students, attendance at the school is completely free, including lunch, books and uniforms. Monthly costs for food, wages, electricity, internet and other are around €1,400. The cost estimate for the establishment of an additional class with the necessary construction works and equipment amounts to €15,000

The purpose of the project is to assess the potential for the development of additional classes of the school, to prepare appropriate projects, to find suitable tenders and, through partner organizations and further fundraising activities, to provide funds for the financing of the program and the expansion of the Ishatou memorial nursing school.

How to donate?

Donations can be made to:

  • to the account of the Slolux association (TRR No. LU71 1111 7037 8550 0000, opened at the bank Post Luxembourg, The Gambia) or
  • by card or Paypal using the form below, in which you can also combine the amount by selecting several fields.

Funds are collected until midnight on Saturday, October 14, 2023. In case of problems with transfers, write Emil.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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