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Online workshop: Men and women - relationships, emotions and health

Date(s) - 15/12/2021
19:30 - 21:00



Slolux Society invites you to a workshop that is even more important than ever before: HOW ARE ATTITUDES, EMOTIONS AND HEALTH INTERNET?

The workshop will be led by Andrej Pešec, who works as a holistic psychologist, pedagogue, trainer and expert in relationships, leadership and personal development. Andrej has led more than 2,000 lectures, cooperates with more than 200 institutes and is the author of several books and articles. More about the author at the bottom of the page.

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We have prepared two packages for you:

1. Women and men - relationships, communication and harmony.
– Would you like to learn to touch the heart, and not the ego of a man or a woman?
– Know how to perceive and satisfy the needs of the locals?
– Develop real harmony in your relationship... and a harmonious relationship with your partner, family, mother-in-law, relatives, children...
- Why is it that when women are happy, everyone is happy, and vice versa?
– What does a woman need and what does a man need in a relationship between a woman and a man?
- What is the key to fidelity between a woman and a man and what does true fidelity mean?
– Jealousy, possessiveness and how to be good but not naive?
– Secrets of the nature of the female and male mind and ego.
– What to do if I am invisible to women/men?
– How to attract the right partner?
– Friendship between a woman and a man?
– How to help your partner, parents, friends and children become by far the best version of themselves?

2. How emotions affect our illnesses and health
- autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, rheumatism, cancer, ears, eyes, women's diseases...
- allergies, intolerances, diseases of the heart, skin, thyroid, lungs, liver...
– how do emotions affect our diseases?
– learn to recognize the messages of your body.
- the art of transforming all these "negative" emotions.
– ideal daily routine and relaxation techniques.
– what all affects our life?
- the influence of relationships on the child's health.
- what is the secret of prevention and optimal holistic health?

3. Questions and answers.

ZOOM link:

The lectures will be led by Andrej Pešec, Univ. B.Sc. political scientist who works as an integrated psychologist, pedagogue, coach and expert in relationships, leadership and personal development; cooperates with over 200 institutes in Slovenia and abroad. Andrej is also the author of the book Women and Men and Raising Motivated, Healthy and Responsible Children.
He has led over 2,000 lectures, webinars and trainings, which are characterized by unusual practical examples, a synthesis of modern holistic knowledge, leadership and motivational philosophy, and interesting stories from everyday life.


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