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Bralna urica za otroke s Pižamo

Date(s) - 31/01/2018
18:00 - 19:00





Boštjan Gorenc – Pajamas prihaja v Luksemburg in nebo samo nastopal za nas odrasle, ampak bo imel za naše otroke pravljično urico.

It is true that we know him mostly as a stand-up comedian, actor and rapper, but he also creates in literature. An important part of this is occupied by children's or youth literature. Apart from the fact that in 2007 and 2008 he worked as an editor for youth fiction at the publishing house Mladinska knjiga and was a co-creator of the comic strip in the youth magazine Pil, he profiled himself as a translator of children's and fantasy literature. Among other things, he translated the popular children's book series about To Captain Gatnik and Mr. Gnilac, which our up-and-comers have already or will continue to read.

Adult readers know Boštjan Gorenc - Pižamo mainly as a translator of modern fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and a comic apocalyptic novel Good signs, which earned him a place on the Honorable List IBBY, International Unions for Youth Literature.

Of course, his literary work for children is very much related to the fact that he is also a father himself and therefore has a lot of training in how to attract a child's attention. We will be able to leave our little one to him and you don't need to stay in the reading class.

Boštjan will read some of his own fairy tales, which were created as part of the Midsummer Night's Tale project, and he will also pull some folk tales from the Malha, which he has written in his own way.

There will be an event 31 januarja 2018 ob 17:30 uri, kraj pa še vam sporočimo preko Slolux spletne in FB strani.

Urico is co-financed reading badge, so the price for children of members is only 7 EUR, but for adults it is free. Non-members pay EUR 10 for their child. The event is suitable withbut the age group from 5 to 10 years.


  1. In which cases can I request a refund?
     Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund the purchase price of an already paid ticket. Please understand.
  2. Why such a price difference between member and non-member tickets?
     The organization of such an event is a big deal not only from a personnel (time) point of view, but also and above all from a financial point of view. Membership fees provide us with the financial support we need to be able to organize such an event. In practice, therefore, you enable members to organize such events - and you are suitably rewarded for this.
  3. Is there a minimum number of participants required to run the event?
     No. Thanks to membership fees and donations from various sources, the event can be held even in the case of poor attendance.
  4. How can I pay?
     You can pay for tickets by PayPal or bank card. If you have neither a bank card nor a PayPal account, or if you have problems with payment, please contact Emil.
  5. The price of tickets is quite high...
     Do not forget that we organize events abroad - in addition to the costs of renting the hall and the performance, there are usually also the costs of transportation, accommodation, per diems, etc. Please also note that we have a very small target audience (a total of 694 Slovenians were registered in Luxembourg on January 1, 2017).


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