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Charity campaign to help families in need (for ZPM MP)

Date(s) - 07/12/2022 - 22/12/2022
00:00 - 23:45



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Dear Slovenians in Luxembourg and elsewhere in the world!

In the Slolux association, we are organizing this year as is now traditional Christmas charity campaign. This time we decided to help the Chain of Good People program, which has been implemented by the Association of Friends of the Youth of Ljubljana Moste-Polje (ZPM MP) for many years. The program has already helped thousands of families and individuals, and this year there are even more applicants due to the state of the dearness.

At the humanitarian aid program of the Chain of Good People, every donation is very happy, as it makes it possible to help families solve their problems, which pushed them into poverty and thus robbed them of a decent life. With financial donations, they help families pay off a bill or buy food and hygiene items. During the holiday season, the importance of donations gains its value, because for the financially weakest, unfortunately, this is also one of the most difficult months or periods of the year. Socially disadvantaged families enter the cold winter days with fear, due to high heating costs, and this year, the high cost of living has made everything even more difficult. During the festive December, everyone, especially the weakest, needs warmth in our hearts and homes more than a decorated Christmas. Every person should have the right to a warm place to live, without financially jeopardizing its existence. To make the holidays warm for all of us, you can help so that we can help families pay off their gas bill or enable them to have a festive family dinner without worrying about being left out in the cold.

You can use the form below to make a donation and enter as many places as you want to donate.

You can transfer funds by credit card or via Paypal (select accordingly from the drop-down menu).

If you wish, you can also transfer funds directly to our TRR:

  • Bank: Post Luxembourg
  • IBAN: LU71 1111 7037 8550 0000
  • Purpose: ZPM MP 2022

The campaign lasts until midnight on 22 December 2022. Donate according to your means. All collected funds will be transferred to the Association of Friends of the Youth of Ljubljana Moste-Polje immediately after the end of the campaign, so that help reaches the relevant families as soon as possible.

Thanks for helping!


  1. What is the recommended amount?
    Considering the average cost of electricity and heating, we recommend donations of at least €50.
  2. How do I know that the amount goes into the right hands?
    At the end of each campaign, we prepare a report in the association, which you can get on request. Funds are transferred to the recipient organization via a donor agreement.
  3. Are you transferring the full amount?
    We transfer the entire amount to the recipient organization, reduced only by the cost of bank commissions (on average around 1 %).
  4. Who coordinates the campaign?
    He organizes fundraising for the Slovenian Society in Luxembourg Emil Kos. The collection is arranged with the coordinator of the Chain of Good People program, Živo Logar.
  5. Why is it sent to the association and not directly to ZPM?
    In the past, it has been shown that people prefer to transfer money immediately using a credit card (which is made possible by the form below. Anyone who wishes can of course also search for the appropriate purpose at page ZPM MP and remit directly to them.
  6. Where is Slolux registered?
    Slolux is registered in Luxembourg as a non-profit organization (asbl). All information about the association is available at this link.



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