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We collected €884 for Robert, Martin and Liljana

A few months ago, we were deeply touched by the story of three children from Maribor (Roberta (18), Martina (16) and Liljana (12)), who live in difficult social conditions, as their father left them, and their mother, without a job, is recovering from a severe traffic accidents. That's why we decided to turn to you, good people, and help them collect at least some funds that would make their everyday life easier.

Today we are happy to announce that we are collected as much as €884 for the children, which we indicated to Humanitarian association Žvižgac, and they will pass them on.

On behalf of Robert, Martin and Liljana and all of us, to everyone who helped in any way, once again a sincere thank you! We wish Robert, Martin and Liljana as many carefree days and successes as possible in the future.

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