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How to travel cheaply between Luxembourg and Ljubljana?

A few simple tips on how to travel cheaply between Luxembourg and Ljubljana:

  • Find the right ticket on 🙂
  • If available, buy a Luxair 'gift voucher' - they are usually discounted 😉
  • Buy a ticket (use gift voucher)
  • For transportation to Ljubljana, use one of the shuttles at the airport (e.g. Goopti, Markun, etc.) - they often drive to your home address

Make the purchase from another IP (another network or wifi) and in an incognito browser - this way you avoid algorithms that sporadically raise prices for the same users.

Do you live outside of Ljubljana?

  • Look for transportation at,, etc. (also for Croatian cities)
  • If you have your own transport and free places, post it on - this way you provide transport for someone and reduce costs for yourself
  • Didn't find transportation? Find transportation at and use code GOLUXAIR23 for 5 % discount

Good luck!

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