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The Big Balloon flies to Luxembourg (show for children)

Dear children, respected parents!

We are happy to inform you that we have prepared a December children's show for you this year as well. On Saturday, December 10 you will be able to watch at the Sang a Klang Theater children's puppet show A balloon A big one performed by Andrej Rozman Roza. This is the story of five-year-old Oskar, who one day finds a banknote with which he buys himself a surprise bag. From this miracle bag grows a huge one balloon, which takes Oskar to a fairytale world.

A show about the redemptive power of imagination is certainly just right for the magical December. Of course, there will be no shortage this time either a lota surprise for children. You will also be able to socialize again and warm up with a warm dinner.

Ticket sales begin on November 10.

So don't forget to reserve the afternoon on Saturday, December 10. You are welcome.

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