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Into the new year with a new logo

In October 2015, a competition for a new logo of the association was held within the framework of the Slovenian Association in Luxembourg, where a new logo was chosen. With the help of the association's new logo, we will be able to inform the Slovenian community in Luxembourg and the general public about our activities, news and always fresh events even more easily and proudly.

Author Rok Medvešek, a student of Visual Design at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics in Maribor, designed the logo in the colors of the Slovenian flag. Under the name of the association, there are parts of a puzzle that can be put together and represent already known pieces that connect meaningfully and beautifully. When we put the pieces together, the puzzle is not finished, which presents the possibility of new connections and collaborations.

color fine_small
The new logo of the association

The logo represents the intertwining and cooperation, which do not mean just a chance meeting, but rather the connection, unity and coherence of the Slovenian community in Luxembourg. It represents the values that the Slolux association will continue to faithfully nurture and build into the future.

I made the logo because I wanted to help an association that does a lot of good for Slovenians in Luxembourg. (author Rok Medvešek)

With this New Year's change, let us invite you again to share your ideas, opinions, criticisms and suggestions for even better functioning of the association for the benefit of all existing and future members. Write to


The logo also looks great in black and white

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