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The invitation of the country of Luxembourg to apply for local elections

Dear Slovenian men and women!

The next local elections in Luxembourg will take place on October 8 this year. Participation in local elections is allowed to all residents of Luxembourg who are over 18 years old and have lived continuously in this country for more than 5 years.

Anyone who wants to vote in local elections and meets the conditions for this must register as a voter. To register, you need an identity card with which you can go to your local or municipal office where you can register in the voter's book. The deadline for applications is July 13, 2017.

Remember, if you meet the conditions to be a voter, you can also stand as a candidate in local elections.

Currently, only 16.3 % foreign residents are registered in the register, which represents 9 % of all voters.

Compared to 2011, this percentage decreased slightly, mostly due to new Luxembourg citizens and dual citizens. On average, 3,000 people a year acquire Luxembourgish citizenship and are subsequently removed from the local electoral register.

Some people are concerned that elections in Luxembourg are compulsory and once we are on the register we are obliged to take part in all local elections. But on the other hand, it is very easy to apply for elections by mail if you are not physically present in the country on election day.

People who are interested in local elections can also attend informational training at the CEFIS education office, where they will explain to you in 2 evenings for 3 hours why it is important to register and go to the elections.

It is also important to know that local and European Parliament elections are separate and if you are already registered in the European Parliament elections register, you still need to register in the local elections register.

The local authorities will organize two Saturdays when you can register, on May 13 and July 1. But as a resident, you can always register at the local office until July 13.

If you want to know more about the election, you can read the announcement in French at this link.

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