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Invitation to register in the voter register

Dear Slovenian men and women!

On October 8, 2016, 274 Slovenes were registered in Luxembourg who have lived here for more than 5 years and are entitled to vote in the local elections that will be held on October 8, 2017, while only 6 were registered in the voter register.

The association is still preparing a campaign in which we will present the reasons for you to take part in the elections, but we invite you to register now. If you already know that you will take part in the elections (you must be 18 years old on election day and have lived in Luxembourg for at least 5 years), you can enter the register by going to the administrative unit with your personal document and filling out two short forms. In order to make it easier for everyone who usually works during office hours to register, the Bierger Center will also be open on two Saturdays before July 13, 2017, when the deadline for registration is due — for the first time on Saturday, 13 May 2017 and the second time on Saturday, 1 July 2017, both times from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Although under Luxembourg law you are obliged to take part in the elections, if you are on the register, but:

  • you can vote by mail and
  • unsubscribe from the registry at any time.

The last penalty for not participating in an election was reportedly issued in 1964 (resource).

So you are welcome to make a decision and co-shape Luxembourg's local politics for the next 6 years with your vote.

For Slolux:
Emil Kos
Multiplicateur diploma

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