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Invitation to the exhibition of the painter Simone Šuc

You are cordially invited to see the exhibition of the painter Simone Šuc entitled "Kaleidoscope of butterflies". The exhibition is available from 1.7. until 31 August 2015 in the premises of the European Court of Auditors.

About the exhibition

The realization that there is red in the blackest corners of me surrounds me with butterflies that leave carved projections of the objective past on the meadow of difference. I look and everything sees me long ago, I overlook and recognize myself in the look. Dropped into the reality of subjective decision-making in the moment of everyday life, I create space for closeness to myself. The similarity and habit of the patterns with another different one trigger discomfort and at the same time possibilities for balancing contrasts, which I overlook in the trapped point of simultaneity. Both projections and performances are dispelled. The distance of one's own view is created, which in separation becomes more and more connected with the depth of one's own rhythm. In attachment to something I think I am, similarity is balanced by difference as originality and detachment. The similarity I look at shows me the ability to take responsibility for solitude and closeness to myself. The clouds of illusion become mists that dissipate into a clear day with butterflies. I realize with gratitude that wherever I am, I leave a piece of my difference and change myself with a piece of difference.

About the author

Simona Šuc was born on February 11, 1972 in Maribor. In 2000, she graduated from prof. Gustav Gnamush and Jožef Muhovič at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She organized artistic and theoretical meetings at Gaj nad Maribor, where Slovenian artists of the younger generation presented themselves (2001-03), and co-founded the TU association, with which she carried out several spatial interventions in Maribor (2004-05). She participated in the restoration of sacred heritage monuments in northeastern Slovenia. He participates in art colonies, art symposia and camps, and regularly exhibits at home and abroad. As a self-employed person in culture, she lives in Maribor.

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