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Society Pleteršnik homestead Pišece, Slovenia
(Society for the protection of the mother tongue, natural
and cultural heritage "Maks Pleteršnik" Pišece)

To the community of Slovenes around the world

Pišece, March 2017


for groups of up to 5 people, minimum stay 2, maximum 7 nights or by arrangement for participants from more distant places

from April 15 to October 15, 2017


Our association, in cooperation with the local UNESCO-listed Maks Pleteršnik Pišece Primary School, with the financial support of the Office for Slovenians around the World, organizes the stay of Slovenian groups this year. families living outside their homeland. We invite you to Pleteršnik's masonry, which in the central part is also a cultural monument.

Pišece is a village in the protected area of the Kozjan Park, on the way between the Terme Čatež near Brežice in the south and the Terme Olimia in Podčetrtek in the north.

Over the past three years, participants have been generally very satisfied. Staying in a brick house is best suited for lovers of nature, peace and quiet. The nearest wi-fi is in the inn (500 m from the brick house), the last 300 m of the way to the brick house is a forest path - a little more difficult to access by car when it rains.

We want as many of our compatriots as possible to experience the rich cultural and linguistic legacy of Maks Pleteršnik and our natural heritage. This is how we preserve the memory of the valuable dictionary work of Maks Pleteršnik, who ¨gave the nation its treasure, discovered the richness of the Slovenian language for it,¨ as written on his tombstone in Pišice. In addition to getting to know the land and culture of your ancestors, you can experience the Slovenian language in an authentic environment and while socializing with the locals.

There are 5 beds in the brick building (2 bunk beds and 1 extra bed), a kitchenette with basic necessities (possible to cook meals) with a dining room or room for workshops, toilet and shower cubicle.

Take care of transportation and food yourself, you can order lunches at the school.

Each group will get a ¨home friend¨, a local, a volunteer who will take care of your accommodation, introduce you to all the events in the nearby area and will also be available to you if you need anything.

Your obesity will, that you will participate in cultural and other activities in the locality and or anywhere else in Slovenia according to your own choice and possibilities, and that you will write down some impressions in the bricklayer's diary.

When visiting families with preschool children and schoolchildren, children and students can participate in activities in the kindergarten or take part in classes at their home school, students can attend classes at a gymnasium or secondary economic school in Brežice, 15 km away. Transportation for students is free, with the existing bus lines of school transportation, which are also used by local schoolchildren.

That's why they have families with children during the period from April 15 to June 23 and from August 28 to October 15 priority in registration.

We also ask you to bring with you material about the operation of your association (bulletins, CDs, etc.). In part of Pleteršnik's homestead, we started creating a collection that presents glimpses of the activities of Slovenians around the world. With it, we will enrich the offer of the Pleteršnik Memorial House and other domestic attractions, thus making visitors aware of the breadth and richness of the Slovenian cultural space.

We know that Slovenians around the world work in various fields and engage in various activities, so we invite you to present your work for free during your stay, if possible (at school, municipal library, at traditional events in the town, municipality...) .

Pleteršnikova Homestead Society will take care of applications, coordination of stay dates, reception and accommodation. Documentation will be maintained in accordance with the prescribed legislation (also regarding the protection of personal data).

Free and busy appointments will be published on FB Maks Pleteršnik (Events - Calendar).

We will be grateful for any voluntary contribution that will help cover the costs of maintaining Pleteršnik's brickwork and living in it.

We are attaching the application form and we look forward to meeting you.

Rut Zlobec, head of the section for contacts with Slovenians around the world
Martin Dušič, president of the association

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