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Invitation to participate in the establishment of a Slovenian center in Luxembourg

Dear Slovenians in Luxembourg!

With this announcement, we would like to invite to participate those who would like to spend their free time actively and constructively working for the development of the Slovenian community in Luxembourg. Therefore, we invite you to pass it on to others who are looking for such opportunities.

A few weeks ago, we started preparations for the establishment of a Slovenian center in Luxembourg. We want to establish a Slovenian presentation center that will also be a meeting point for the Slovenian community in Luxembourg. We have already presented the relatively developed idea to several ministerial departments in Slovenia, all of whom have promised support, and some have even provided funding. At the end of the month, during a business visit to Slovenia, the idea will also be presented to some other public and private potential business partners.

The project is currently in the stage of preparing a business plan and creating a financial structure. But since the project is already very extensive at this stage, we are looking for one or two serious (!) people to help. In addition to working directly on the project itself, you can also expect to work on side (supporting) projects of the association, which will directly or indirectly contribute to the realization (mainly the provision of finances). It is desirable that you have at least 10-15 hours per week that you can devote to this project. Expect communication with exclusively Slovenian stakeholders in Luxembourg and Slovenia.

Unfortunately, we currently do not have guaranteed funds for the payment (for now, everything is done on a voluntary basis), but we will allocate a part of the funds obtained on the spot to (re)paying the efforts of the participants. In case of successful realization of the project, there may also be opportunities for employment.

If you would like to participate, please contact us at and write briefly why you would like to participate. Then, during a short meeting, we will present the project in detail, and if we see mutual interest, we will agree on how to proceed.

Emil Kos

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