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Kreslin filled the hall and warmed Slovenian hearts

The Sang a Klang Hall in Luxembourg was bursting at the seams on April 21, 2016, as the enthusiastic audience sang in unison to the hits of the man with the black guitar for over two hours.

Many Slovenian families and individuals gathered early in the afternoon and brought their youngest children, for whom the first part of the concert was primarily intended. Vlado opened the evening lightly, with a few songs, which attracted many children who filled the front rows and enthusiastically followed the tireless Prekmurec.

These children then, accompanied by their teacher Daša Pelikan Prek, went on stage and sang the song "Okna na stežaj" very experiencedly and from the heart in front of a full hall. Cutely dressed and holding hands, children of all ages made our hair stand on end and left us blown away by the rest of the cycle of Vladot's always exciting visions.

After a short break, Vlado played some newer compositions. He impressed the audience with his explanation of how the song "Sami naši" was created, which begins with the verse "After the concert in Luxembourg", and said that he had already performed for emigrant Slovenians all over the world, from Canada to Australia, but still in no other country has gathered as many Slovenians as in Luxembourg.

The concert reached its climax when the tireless Prekmurec started playing older hits. "Roll from the height", "Is there anything open in Šiška", "Tvoje jutro" and many others brought everyone to their feet and united in one voice. Kreslin's songs, which are well known to all Slovenians, remained on the lips of the smiling and happy faces of the departing visitors for the following days. You can see a glimpse of the highlight of the concert, which warmed Slovenian hearts and brought tears to many eyes, below.

The concert had a strong impact on the Slovenian community in Luxembourg, so we are all already looking forward to the new events that will be organized by the Slovenian association headed by President Emil Kos this year and the following years.

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The author of the photos is Peter Verdnik (

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You can also watch some highlights from the concert below.

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