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MIZŠ invites a part-time teacher to participate in teaching supplementary classes of Slovenian in Luxembourg

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports is inviting a part-time teacher to teach supplementary Slovenian language classes in Luxembourg.

– teacher of Slovenian or class lessons
– second higher education in pedagogy

It is desirable that the teacher has the following skills:
- knowledge of the language of the country where the teacher will teach,
– knowledge and skills for managing various extracurricular activities (for example: preparation of cultural events, workshops and other events)

The application must include a CV and photocopies of proof of education.
An e-mail address or telephone number must also be provided in the contact information.

The teacher will be paid for the work done through a contract.

Applications are accepted until November 15 at: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Commission for Teachers of Slovenian Abroad, Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana.

Additional information about the content of the work, the organization of classes and other activities is available on the STIČIŠČE website (, at the email address: or on the phone number: +386 1 400 5410 or +386 41 520 325.

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