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The film "Let's Be a Basketball Player" in Luxembourg

Meanwhile when the Slovenian basketball team won the European Basketball Championship, a film was released that became an instant hit.

The Slolux association organizes in cooperation with Gustav Film playback based on the book of the same nameSlovenian film hits, which has been breaking viewership records since September 2017 with the number of views and awards. The film will be broadcast in Slovenian with English subtitles.

You are invited to watch Utopia on January 18, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. feature youth film directed by Boris Petkovič:


The movie has English subtitles, so you can also bring your English-speaking friends.

We kindly invite you to spread the news among your colleagues who speak English, as the film is also an excellent promotion of Slovenian culture.

Brief content:

Let's Be a Basketball Player is the story of a young and awkward boy named Ranta (so big he could tie giraffes' ties), whose life is turned upside down when one day the gym teacher Salta invites him to join the basketball team. This begins an exciting journey for Ranta, full of unpredictable adventures, on which he is constantly accompanied by his witty friend Smodlak...

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