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Let's help include Nikola in the Son-rise program

Dear Slovenian men and women!

In the Slolux association, we have launched several campaigns to help Slovenians in need. This time, a Slovenian family that lives very close to us - here in Luxembourg - needs help.

Nikola, the son of Darija Brinc, is an immensely good-natured and sweet 8-year-old boy who was born with a severe eye defect, due to which his vision is very poor. He was also diagnosed with autism at the age of six. Although many claim that children with autism will never be able to live independently, the Son-rise program proves the exact opposite with its unique approach - highly trained professionals and dedicated and educated volunteers who devote themselves completely to both the child, the parents and the educator are already many have turned the impossible into the possible.

Darija, who like all other parents only wants the best for her child, sees the light at the end of the tunnel in this program. However, there are also significant costs associated with this: the program not only requires an adapted space at home, but also participation in a professional intensive program in Sheffield, USA. The currently estimated costs are €20,000.

You can help Daria by donating via GoFundMe, where the story is also published, or with a donation through the Slolux association. It should be noted that the funds collected for this purpose in the Slolux account will be fully transferred to Daria (no fees). Make the transfer to:

Bank: Post Luxembourg
IBAN: LU71 1111 7037 8550 0000
CALL: 12-001 For Nikola

You can also transfer funds to our PayPal account by clicking the button below.

After the training in the USA, Nikola will also need some volunteers who will actively help him in his first steps towards independence. If you want to help as a volunteer, or if you need more information, you can contact Darija Brinc directly at this email.

We hope that, just like several times in the past, you will respond to the call for help this time and help as much as you can. You know: We help because we can and because we never know when we will need help ourselves.

We would like to thank all benefactors in advance and wish you a peaceful start to 2017.

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