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The Slovenian hit Gajin svet 2 is also in Luxembourg

On October 25, 2022, more than 60 people gathered at the Utopia cinema to watch the story in which 14-year-old Gaja, who lives in a separated family, faces jealous classmates, has her personal profile hacked on a social network, and realizes what true friendship means. Despite the fact that it's vacation and Gaja goes to the seaside camp with her father and teenage sister Teo, the vacation hasn't started yet. With the help of his friend Matic and the police inspector, Gaja saves the owner of the bar from extortionists, reunites the family and, with the help of his friends, mother and Emma, Gaja's saxophone teacher, makes his father happy as well.

The film impressed all the visitors, who at the end expressed their desire for more such events. And we will do our best to bring them.

The broadcast was organized by Emil Kos and Maja Žužman.

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