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The collection of aid for Slovenia continues in 2024

Dear everyone!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank everyone who has been donating clothes, shoes, toys, bedding, etc. for years. With Tamara and Veronika, we try to help those in need as much as possible, and our constant guideline is that things go into the right hands, that everything is used (circular economy) and that we are constantly present. We may not be able to help everyone in Slovenia, but we are trying. Unfortunately, there are more and more recipients, but everyone is happy when they receive the goods. That's why I asked Tamara and Veronika to send a little feedback so that you can get to know at least a few individual stories, which I pasted from Messenger below. There are more such stories, but they clearly show how much our help means.

Finally, I would like to especially thank everyone who helps me with transportation, packaging, delivery, etc. (Sandi, Vesna, Suzana, Nina (+Urh), Emil, Irena, Lili, Aljaž, and probably someone else). Together, we delivered a record amount of goods in 2023. You are golden.

At the same time, I inform you that, of course, I will continue with the collection.

Tina Grošel Davies

Recipients' stories


Oh oh Tina, with pleasure! And a heartfelt thank you to you, not only to the donors. Clothes, shoes, toys, bedding and everything else that you collect and bring are such an immeasurable gift! Recently, one mother got teary-eyed when I brought her winter shoes and clothes for both children and some toys to make her happy - she said that we were giving her treasures. This family lives in my village, very modestly, for many years they lived in a house without a finished roof, they have a garden and a few animals, so they have eggs, milk at home... But now everything is getting better and better, when the young people still contribute a little and they have succeeded to finish the roof as well - the fellow villagers helped a lot, but it was still quite a mouthful, so they were very happy with the winter package. Mother and grandmother said that they are beautiful things and now even the children don't hide when I come because they are looking forward to the package.

As you know, we also try to visit that lady who is almost blind and lives on the edge of the village as often as possible - we passed by once. She is so grateful that she doesn't know how to say it anymore - but basically, I think she really knows how to say it so sincerely, nothing sugarcoated, so realistic, but very sincere - it hits me to the bottom of my soul every time. She is extremely grateful for everything (we also carry food for her, jump to get food for her animals...). What fascinates her the most is the quality of the clothes she gets - she likes natural materials. She says that they never had anything and she is quite relieved that now she has and is not cold. She said how important it was to be noticed - that no one had noticed her before. Having someone see you, do something for you, she says, gives her the will to live, to get up in the morning and push on. Now she also gets up the courage to go on a trip with the society for the blind and partially sighted and proudly explains what she wore and how she was complimented. She says that all these things are God-sent. I also brought her warm flannel sheets and a suitcase on wheels so she can bring things from the store! She also likes to accept containers because she can't see and breaks a lot... but she needs some bigger containers with colored lids, so that she can somehow distinguish between salt and sugar, so that she can put the paste inside and feel it with her hand... mainly - it's very useful for her and it's really very grateful. During the holidays, we also made the animals in the shelter - Horjul and Ljubljana - happy. When there are many puppies, things come in especially handy for them - from blankets, sheets, pillows... food and even toys. So we sorted out everything that was washed, maybe stained and damaged... added some older toys, dropped balls... a little food and the joy was obvious! One particular puppy in the shelter in Ljubljana loves balls and was overjoyed (I forgot his name). Many times I am still happy with the situation with five children, because they always get something useful - otherwise, they are very proud of each other, but it is still nice to have something "new". I think I already said that their mother took a sewing and mending class and now she beautifully adjusts, mends, sews, narrows or decorates the clothes they get, as well as the shoes! They also love books! Although no one knows French yet, Mia took the French book to the library at school - they are trying to make her laugh and started with these children's books. I also gave some toys and books to the fair at the school, where they collected voluntary contributions for the fund - to enable those who don't have some kind of trip and things like that. On the other hand, I always respond if someone collects something and I know I still have it - we have one coordinator here for the group, let's help Slovenian children, and sometimes friends ask me for some babies especially... Even during the floods, people needed me, Maja Modrijan, for example asked for a grandfather from her friend - he was completely without winter things. I should write to you in real time, when I start to think ... there is really a lot of good - THANK YOU In one mine there were so many board games and interesting toys that the three of us had fun at home and played and experimented before moving on. aaaaa – can you tell Nicole that we found some more shelter pads she made in the attic and took them away!!! But we forgot to ask if you could send us a photo with the animals, I'm really sorry.


Hi, I was hoping to catch up live in December. I passed most things on to Tamara, because I was too smart to get extra involved. Now I am much better and the action continues. But I have regular customers and some new ones. I am sending to the Karst for a 4-year-old girl, she has been receiving it since birth and the parents are endlessly grateful, now also things that she no longer needs and can pass on. The twins got a lot of things from Mengš this year, especially after the floods, they were grateful. They are 2 years old and they are happiest with toys, a kitten that sings and a meow. For one girl, I gave 16 years through a friend, she lost her parents and lives with her grandmother. I give her all the XS and S dresses, sneakers, jeans, fur coats, anything in which she can look like her peers mean the most to her. I don't have direct contact with her, it's too difficult for her... But I still give a lot to the family in Bloke, 8 children from 2 to 17 years old, 10 members of the family, they need everything, from plates to bedding, they are happy with books and board games. Thank you to all of you who encourage them to take care of the families in SLO as well. I have a feeling that there are still many poor people, but they don't dare to tell or show. We arranged school benches for the school in Črna, and toys and books for the kindergarten in Mengš.

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