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Slovenian Masses in 2020

Welcome to the new year 2020!

I wish you health and God's closeness and peace throughout the year!
In the month of January, the Slovenian Holy Mass will be just that Saturday, 11 January 2020.
I'll meet you at the church in Bertange at 16:30 or 10 minutes earlier :).
As always, there will be fellowship after the Mass. 
At the last meeting, pastor Zvonet and I also agreed on the dates for masses in the coming months:
  • February – 15 February !!! It's the Saturday before the holidays. Please let me know if you will be able to come to Mass so that the church will not remain empty...
  • March – Mass on March 21 + Family Day on March 7 in Brussels
  • April – 25. 4.
  • May – 9. 5. 
  • June – 20 June
  • September – 11 – 13 September family seminar
All the best and see you at breakfast on Saturday!
Contact: Tadej Komac

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