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    Cheque service can be used for many things like creche, kids sports, music and dance lessons, etc. Check those sites for more data and post comments if you find out sth cool: (webpage) (entry with password)

    To get the Cheque-service card you need to bring 3 last payrolls of you and your partner (for whomever work) to Bierger center or Commune and you get the calculation right away.

    How it works (decreasing the price of creche using cheque service)?

    The creche normally charges per hour. An average price is 6 € per hour (which is also the ceiling for cheque service – anything above that is payed by you). Check here:

    The monthly charge will differ on the contract – mostly they will offer you part time (30 hours per week) or full time (60 hours per week). Then it depends on the number of week, but I guess you got the point…

    For the Cheque-service you need to bring 3 last payrolls of you and your husband (for whomever work) to Bierger center or Commune. In a minute they will calculate you the benefits and give you something like this: First 3 hours of the week are free, hours from 4th to 24th per week will cost you 2 €, hours from 25th to 60th will cost you 3 €, the rest are paid full price (if your kid would be in creche more than 60 h per week).

    Example: You take full time (60h) contract of crèche that charges 6 € per hour. Your monthly fee will be result of this calculation = (3×0 €)+(20×2 €)+(35×3 €) per week -> 145 € per week.

    The possible creches are many. Check here (ps: the list does not include all the available creches):

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