Membership policies

1. Definitions used:

● individual – a natural entity, representing themselves
● family – a group of people considering themselves as family
● member – every individual who has either regular or honorary membership status

2. Who can apply for memberships?

Every individual who is 15 years of age or older. Every person can only subscribe themselves for membership. Children of 14 or less can only be registered by their parents.

3. How to apply for memberships?

Every individual who wants to become a member must submit a simple application form in written or electronic version. Both forms are available online at www.slolux.eu.

4. Types of membership

Only »Regular membership« and »Honorary Membership« are recognized by Slolux. Regular member is every individual who fulfils the membership criteria. Honorary membership is proposed by one or more members and confirmed by simple majority of votes at a General assembly.

5. Membership rights & duties

Member Honorary Member
Has voting right YES NO
Can attend assemblies* YES YES
Pays fee YES NO
Can participate in activities YES YES
Can benefit from special offers** YES YES
Can run for board positions YES NO
Can run projects YES NO
Personal data submitted to RCS YES NO

* Members are not obliged to attend assemblies but are strongly encouraged to attend them.
** Reduced prices for events, access to members’ restricted events, access to closed online forums and other specials.

6. Membership fee

Membership fee is symbolic and set to annual fee of 20 € per person and to 30 € per family. In case of family fee the applicant must provide full name and birth date of person(s) he forms family with.

The family members’ information provided are informational — every individual can only subscribe (see chapter 3: How to apply?) themselves for membership.

Membership period last for a calendar year.

7. Membership termination

Per demand: Member can always request membership termination by sending an email to info@slolux.eu. Member can request the date of termination of membership where the date requested must be at least the day of request (i.e. today) or later in the future. If no date is communicated the membership will expire with the next day.

Per expulsion: Management board can exclude members that no longer fulfil membership criteria (e.g. have not paid the fee in the time set).

Any member who violates the internal rules or performs a crime prosecuted by law may be a subject to expulsion. Expulsion of mentioned member will be executed at first suitable General assembly.

No return of membership fee: Regardless of the reason for termination of membership, no fee already paid will be returned to person.

8. Partnership organisations

Slolux can form partnership with other organisations. Means of cooperation, membership fee and conditions can be set by Slolux management board individually without prior consent of General Assembly.

9. Change of membership policies

Slolux management board can change membership policies at any time. All members must be notified about the upcoming change at least 15 days before changes take effect. If changes are made on General assembly they can take effect immediately.

10. Communication with members

Newsletter: Slolux may send newsletter to its members. Only subscribed members will receive a newsletter, sent to email provided.

Membership news: Membership news will be sent to members’ provided email when important information on membership are to be communicated (e.g. change of membership policies or call for general assembly). Membership news will be sent even if member did not subscribe for newsletter.

11. Members’ data protection

For its members, Slolux collects data. The amount and type of data are subject to decision of management board. Data are top secret and will never be submitted to a third party unless conditioned by the law of Luxembourg or without enforcement of court in Luxembourg. According to European laws, member has always right to request the data Slolux has stored about them but such demand must be accompanied by the reason for such request. Receiving that sort of demand, Slolux management board might request an identification of requester in any form (e.g. by an ID card or passport at live meeting) to prove that data are given to their rightful holder.

At any point, member can change data Slolux stores about them. That is done via email sent to info@slolux.eu or through webpage available at www.slolux.eu.

12. Providing membership list to RCS

As obliged by Luxembourgish law, annually in June Slolux will send following data of all but honorary members to »Registre de commerce et des sociétés Luxembourg«:

● Last name
● Name
● House number
● Street
● Postal code
● City
● State
● Nationality

For Slolux management board: Emil Kos, president