Who can apply?

Anyone can be a member, regardless of gender, nationality and age. Children of 14 years or younger must be subscribed by their parents.

To apply for membership, fill in application here.

Membership types

Slolux recognized two membership types:

  • Regular membership (given to everyone who applies and fulfills all membership criteria)
  • Honorary membership (offered and voted upon by general assembly)

Membership fee types

Slolux recognized two fee types:

  • Individual membership type (20 € annual fee)
  • Family membership type (30 € annual fee)

Membership in numbers

On July 11th 2017, Slolux has 242 members:

  • 62 family memberships (all family members together counting 184 members)
  • 58 individual memberships
  • 1 honorary member

Old membership data

On July 8th 2015, Slolux had 63 members:

  • 62 members
  • 1 honorary member