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Date(s) - 24/06/2018


Sang a Klang


Dear lovers of folk music!

On Sunday, June 24th, Luxembourg's Sang a Klang and Pfaffenthal will host a well-known Slovenian folk music group called


The artists will first hold a workshop for young music students with whom they will then perform for the crowd at the evening concert.


The workshop held by members of the group Ethnotrip is meant to present the North-Eastern Slovenian folk music to young music students and to prepare them for the concert that will follow in the evening. Workshop will start at 10 AM and last until approximately 6 PM. The workshop that will take place and Sang a Klang costs €60 which includes pizza and drinks for students.

Children will be able to participate as:

  • instrumentalists (preferably cord instruments and clarinet, at least 2 years practice is desired),
  • vocalists / singers

The workshop places are limited. We can accept no more than 8 instrumentalists and up to 10 singers.

Workshop will be held and English.

If you have more questions, please write to Natasha.


The concert will take place at the Sang a Klang as well and will start at 7:30 p.m. You will be able to buy some of the Slovenian specialties (Laško beer, Cocta, cake Prekmurska gibanica). The first 20 minutes of the concert are reserved for the performance of the young students.

Attendees of the workshop will have free entry to the concert, all others must buy a ticket (including parents and siblings). Only 200 tickets are available at the price of €25 per adult ticket and €15 per children's ticket (<= 16 years). You can buy the pack of 5 tickets at the price of 4.

If you have more questions, please write to Emil.


The event will be held to commemorate also the 27 years of independence of the Republic of Slovenia.

We are looking forward to welcoming you. Invite your friends and join us for a one-time event.

Link to one of the songs:

YouTube channel:



Bookings are closed for this event.

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