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Nataša Konc Lorenzutti: Tronci or What does a writer do? (event for children and families)

Nataša Konc Lorenzutti, theater actress and writer

Thrones or What does a writer do??

Ponders, observes,
knits, crochets, writes,
sews trousers, cooks štrukli,
cloth everything that is on the holes.

What else does he do besides that?

He searches for flashbacks in his head,
in the wind, in the attic, in the grass,
plucks trees, collects flowers,
mixes winter and summer.

How the writer finds and chooses the flashback from which the story that moves into the book is created, she will reveal to you through a story called Thrones, which was published in book form in 2021 by the publishing house Mladinska knjiga. You will find out what lies behind the title at this event for children and their families.

So everyone nice you are invited to join us on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. in the Altrimenti club at an event that will be held by the author herself. The event is free.

To avoid an overcrowded hall, we kindly ask you to bring your own confirm your participation on this form.

About the author

Nataša Konc Lorenzutti, born in 1970, graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, at the Department of Drama and Artistic Speech. In 2010, she also completed her university master's degree in artistic expression with prof. Aleš Valič. For five years, she was engaged as an actress in two Slovenian professional theaters, and since 1999 she has devoted herself to fiction. So far, she has published nineteen books for children and youth and five for adults. It was nominated for the original Slovenian picture book, blue bird, seven times for the tenth prize and four times for the evening prize.

In addition to her freelance work, she worked as a professor of theater subjects at the art department of the Nova Gorica High School for fourteen years. Now she works again as a freelance writer and screenwriter.

He coordinates the organization of the event Emil Kos.

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